Sears Card Activation Online [ CitiBank Sears Activate Card ]

Most of the buyers at Sears are usually offered the great opportunity to sign up for Sears MasterCard, It’s a very popular credit card issued by CitiBank as well as accepted at lots of stores. The Sears credit card provides rewards for loyal customers as well as signing up often comes with one or more one-time benefits such as discounts on a purchase.

How to Activate a Sears MasterCard

In case you’re the new user of CitiBank Sears Card, you should first activate your card before using it online as well as any store. The all Card Activation process handled by CitiBank, and It’s fairly hassling free. You should follow the below-mentioned process for activating your card as well as follow the instruction which comes with the card:

Sears Card Activation Online [ CitiBank Sears Activate Card ]

Sears Card Activation Online

Notes: The Sears MasterCard Holders can be used their card with any folks of the Sears Holding Company, as well as Sears/, Kmart/, Sears Essentials, Sears Hardware, Sears Grand, Sears Hometown Stores, and Sears Auto Centers.

Activate Sears Credit Card Online

The new or fresh folks can take advantage of CitiBank Card Activation online system. It’s easy to start with the CitiBank website and processed through the outlined steps. You have to carry credit card as well as the primary account holder’s information to complete the card activation process.

Activating Your MasterCard Over the Phone

Though online activation is faster, it’s possible to activate your new card via the toll-free number. Just contact Citibank’s activation line by dialing 1 (800) 589-7327.

Having problems? Sears MasterCard Activation Assistance (Citibank): 1 (800) 815-7701

Tips for New Credit Card Users:

To decrease the likelihood of identity theft, sign the back of your card before using it.

Be sure to read your cardholder agreement carefully.

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Final Words: In case you have any kind of trouble during the activating your card, you can contact on 1 (800) 589-7327. If you want to read more information then you should go to the official website. Also, you can learn here more about another credit card activation process.

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