BankofAmerica/Activate ( Bank of America Card Activation )

In case you have the credit card or debit card of Bank of America then you need to know about how to Activate Bank of America credit card or debit card with a simple and easy process. So, you should don’t worry about this, here you can learn about the activation process for Bank of America credit card/debit card or BankofAmerica/Activate. You should keep read this article properly.

Bank of America Card Activation

The card has lots of benefits that you receive which include extra credit points, cashback, free gifts. The most and good benefits of a Bank of America card is that you can use that card anywhere for purchase stuff as well as make online payment and store payment without having cash money in your pocket.

Bank of America Card Activation | Activate Credit Card/Debit Card

Activate Bank of America Credit Card/Debit Card by three simple methods:

  • Activate Bank of America Card by Phone
  • Activate Credit Card/Debit Card by online banking
  • Activate Credit Card/Debit Card by Download App

Activate Bank of America Card by Phone

Firstly, you should call customer service to the Bank of America. The Bank of America Credit Card or Debit Card Activation phone number is 800-276-9939. Also, Bank of America has support phone number 00 1 757-677-4701.

Now, you should call Bank of America at 800-276-9939 and dial your account number. As well as enter your personal information for verification when prompted (e.g. your SSN, zip code and phone number associated with your account application). After that, you should follow the call instructions.

Activate credit card by Online Banking

Bank of America Credit Card/Debit Card Activation by online banking with easy steps. Now, you should follow the rules first, you have to make an account by providing the six digits of card number and your full Social Security number.

Now, you’ll create a username and password easily as well as manage your credit card account online. You need to make sure about the security.

Bank of America Card Activation By Phone Application

The Bank of America cardholders want to know about the 3rd option of activating credit or debit cards with a phone application. You should download the Bank of America app to an iPad, iPhone, Android device and window 10 devices. If you have download the app, now you should follow the app instructions.

Bank of America Mobile Banking – Apps on Google Play: click here

Benefits of the Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card

  • $0 yearly charge. – BankofAmerica/Activate
  • The credit card has a better than average 0% APR period on the off chance that you need to make a huge buy or move an equalization and set aside additional effort to take care of it.
  • Get a reward of 25% to 75% of the rewards you win in case you’re a Preferred Rewards customer.
  • In the event that you have, at any rate, $20,000 joined adjusts in your Bank of America banking as well as Merrill Edge and Merrill Lynch speculation accounts, you’ll procure a 25% reward on your cashback.
  • In the event that you have, at any rate, $50,000 in joined adjusts, you’ll gain a half reward. When you have $100,000 or more in joined adjusts, you’ll be compensated with a 75% reward.
  • Get reward cashback at markets, discount clubs and a class of your decision.

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